About US

Industries we serve:

Step into a realm of success with Unicorn Group NC, where our specialized staffing solutions are crafted to elevate your business across diverse industries. Let’s craft your success story together, one specialized placement at a time. 


Our skilled accountants and sales professionals light the path to your business expansion.

Administrative Support

Unlock efficiency and seamlessly manage operations with our reliable clerical support.

Customer Service

Elevate your brand through our customer service experts, creating lasting connections in every interaction.

Executive Level Support

Fuel your leadership team with executive-level support and management expertise, ensuring visionary guidance.

Human Resources

Navigate the complexities of HR with our dedicated experts, bringing a human touch to your workforce strategy.

Legal Support

Trust in our legal support to navigate intricacies with precision, safeguarding your legal operations.

Light Industrial

Boost industrial efficiency with our warehouse and assembly professionals, keeping your operations streamlined.


Nurture leadership excellence with our seasoned management professionals, ensuring your organization thrives.

Sales & Marketing

Ignite growth through our dynamic sales and marketing team, bringing a touch of magic to your market reach.


Stay ahead in the tech realm with our skilled technical professionals, driving innovation and progress.

Payrolling Services

Our Payrolling Services offer a flexible solution tailored to your needs, whether short-term or long-term.